• The airclear air purifier necklace being worn by a man and a woman while relaxing at the lobby


  • The black airclear wearable air purifier necklace placed next to a vase or a bowl. You can place the necklace anywhere as it creates a 3 feet protective shield around you. Shields you from indoor pollutants and allergens.
  • Using the airclear wearable air purifier necklace while a woman is working. The airclear wearable air purifier necklace is placed on the study desk next to a keyboard and notepad. It creates a 3 feet protective shield around you while you work.
  • The Pink airclear wearable air purifier necklace is hung from the rear view mirror of a car


    AirClear Store's goal is to make breathing clean air simple and convenient.

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Real Reviews from our Happy Customers

  • Small and compact. Does work. Great for sleeping and walking. Not so much with running. Very fast shipping.

    James L.

  • got it today. Nice box. The box contains the device and hand book. This is affordable than most out there and portable as I wanted it to be. thanks airclear.


    Jane M.

  • Kudos to Express delivery. Used it for 4 days. tested it out by putting some smoke in a bowl and covered it upside down and it actually removed all the smoke. I have started to trust this product now and it does give you some level of freshness. One thing however is the battery life is actually around 8-9 hours due to it being very powerful I think as compared to other ones and also a cloth based neck wear would have been better. Thanks.


    Alison A.

  • Made a purchase to help push allergies away from my face. For a weird reason, had a technical problem so…..reached out to customer service and was sent a new device. It charges quickly and gives me piece of mind indoors and out. Doesn’t blow hard on your face so don’t worry about drying your skin out ;)


    Cynthia D.

  • Really nice product, especially useful at work because I work at industrial areas. This has enabled comfortable environments wherever I am. Seller was responsive and ensured excellent coordination with shipping!


    Sean A.

  • What an awesome product. Shipping was fast and communication is a breeze. I feel much safer knowing that the air I breathe is cleaner. It is a simple and great gift for friends, families and co-workers. Let's encourage everyone around us to have an airclear necklace around their neck.


    Darren T.

  • I have 2 types of these air purifier necklaces now. The airclear necklace on the right is lightweight and smaller with higher anion release than the other one. But with the airclear one the light has a slow blinking effect unlike the other one where the light is fixed while it’s on. But doesn’t bother me much. I like the airclear style as it’s more compact and had a minimalist design for the same anion release of not more. Great design! Will share the referral with my friends and relatives.


    Robert N.

  • Received mine yesterday. Fast shipping within 1 week. Very light which makes it easy to carry around. I hear some noise at the tip and some faint smell. I used it for one night, battery finishes in one nights use. I usually have blocked nose but seems this device gives you that feeling of being in the shower. Same effect where you feel fresh and breathing is easy after a shower. I would recommend this not as a necessity but good to have for extra comfort.


    Candi S.

  • Received mine a week back. The device has helped me quite a bit. I can tell the difference while breathing. The fact that it is tiny I can place it just about any where. I like it without the chain so I place it just about anywhere I am. Very lightweight. There are other similar devices out there but I feel is slightly more expensive. This is perfect for its cost and specs wise similar ion generation. Highly recommended. A feedback would be to perhaps have a strap of some kind to place it in my arm while jogging of sorts.


    Jane H.

  • Its portable and I wish the chain was slightly longer. And one annoying thing is the light that keeps blinking but you can turn it around if that bothers you too much. You do hear a small amount of noise thats fine. All in all, good purifier. I tested it out with some kitchen smoke and pretty much reduces inhaling bad smoke. It's not 100% but takes about 10 seconds if you stand still and work.


    Michael A.

  • White looks classy for me but more importantly it actually works. After using it for a while, the charging needs to be done regularly. Well that’s the same for every charging product I guess. Value for money for me. Will order a couple more as gifts.


    Sarah D.

  • It's mini but very powerful. I sleep with it these days beside my bed. I feel better in terms of my breathing. It's hard to explain but you will realise it after a few days. Battery lasts say for a day of continuous using.


    John D.


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